• murphy IRR LAMP

    Infra-red heat lamps light bulb available in satin frosted finish for diffused heat distribution with high efficacy, internal reflector, suitable for
    directional short wave inra-red radiation for heating purposes. Very simple, safe, clean & easy to operate in domestic, professional & Industrial
    application areas.






    IRR Lamp




    Satin Frosted

  • murphy Medical IR Lamp

    Reported Benefits*
    • Encourages the regeneration of cells.
    • Mild heating has an analgesic effect on the superficial sensory nerve endings in the skin, relieving pain.
    • Increases body temperature as local heat spreads to surrounding tissues.
    • Stimulates the sweat glands, improving the elimination of waste and as a result the cleansing of the skin.
    • Prepares the client for further treatment.
    • Nourishes the skin through the application and absorption of a product.
    • Penetrates deep into the subcutaneous layer helping the dispersal of fatty tissue.
    • A redness of the skin is may be produced. (Will fade within a few hours)
    • Relaxes the muscles and relieves tension.

  • murphy REFLECTOR LAMP 100W

    Silver Spot Reflector Light Bulbs


    For defused light output with homogeneous high intensity light beam without the use of external reflector, a specially designed Silver Spot lamp has satin frosted front finish with high efficacy internal mirror reflector gives brilliant light effects.