About Company

With a glorious track record of over 4 decades, Murphy established a notable position in Lighting Industry. Since, the very beginning we have always been focused on superior customer experience through best in class products and service. At Murphy, we have had an eventful and rewarding journey in manufacturing of GLS bulb up to 1000 Watts, Reflector Bulbs, Medical Infrared Bulbs, Railway Lamps, Industrial Heating IR Radiation Lamps, HPSV Lamps, Mercury Lamps, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and many more.

In 2009, Murphy has started manufacturing of high quality standard LED LIGHTS. With expertise in three core technologies – electrical design (LED Drivers), mechanical design (cooling devices) and optical design (lamp holders), Murphy LED Lighting products are more efficient (Lumen/W) and have a long life. The LED Driversmanufacturingmeasure up to high test quality standard suitable for Indian Power Supply. Murphy LED Lights are a smart innovation in the future of lighting. Their usage ranges from residential and retail to commercial and industrial applications.

Murphy derives its strength from its customers. The Growth of the latter is a prerequisite to the growth of the company and hence customer satisfaction is its prime objective. For that we have developed a state of art infrastructural facility under the efficient guidance of our expert professional and qualified engineer with strong adherence to the quality management system.


  • Complete in-house manufacturing facility
  • Well equipped Lab and state-of-art R&D
  • Complete in-house LED Driver Manufacturing
  • More than 25,000 Sq Ft of Production Area
  • Over 4 Decades of Experience in manufacturing of Lighting Items
  • Wide Network of Authorized Distributors and Dealers
  • OEM to leading Brands

Chief Manager

In our business dealings we are led by the guiding principles of our founder director and mentor Mr. Hari Om Mangal, who is an expertise in his field with a an experience of 30 years in this respective industry. He is guided in this endeavor by Mr. Nitesh Mangal, Mr. Harshit mangal. With their acumen and visionary skills, we have been able to reach the height of success by the virtue of customer centric approach, diligence and excellent technical expertise and at the same time have gained the trust, loyalty and support of the clients across the country.



Why Choose Us?

Brightest Light Gurenteed
Innovation is defined simply as a "new idea, device, or method".
Most Power Efficent
Innovation is defined simply as a "new idea, device, or method".
Long Life Guranteed
Innovation is defined simply as a "new idea, device, or method".